We believe in being a dependable and trustworthy resource within the community, which includes participating in educational and social activities.

EDUCATION - Knowledge is power. We strive to provide the most honest and accurate information possible to our clients.
Our Community, and What We Do
It is our hope that as a result, our clients will then have the power to make the best choice for their individual situation, regardless of what type of chimney repair they might need.
Our team works with some of the most reputable HVAC companies in Connecticut and provides education to their technicians. This enables them to identify a chimney concern when they come across one, whether it is during annual maintenance or a service call. Although chimney services are not included in an annual heating contract, this information allows the homeowner to have access to the most comprehensive service available for their heating system. Much like a clothing washer and dryer, a heating unit (or fireplace) and chimney are separate units that work together to provide one finished product - a warm home.
We conduct educational seminars for Building Officials, Home Inspectors, Trade Schools and Trade Shows and stay on top of local Building Codes as they apply to our field of service. In addition to our HVAC relationships, we also participate in the Oil Heat Cares program. Oil Heat Cares, is a program to assist homeowners with replacement heating equipment when needed. Our involvement in this program is to correctly vent this new equipment during installation.
AWARENESS - It is no secret that when you see chimney companies in the news, it is usually for the WRONG reasons. If you pick up a paper or turn on the news, you will hear about another individual that has gotten scammed. We routinely receive calls from homeowners that have paid a considerable sum of money for a repair, only to find out that there was no actual repair done. Unfortunately, there are many more of these calls than we would like to see. Take a moment to review our “Tips to Avoid Being Scammed”, before you schedule a service call with any company, including ours. We created this list to help consumers make informed decisions when choosing a contractor. The Officials at the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection liked it so much, you’ll some of our tips there as well!

SUPPORT - We support local activities and events whenever possible. It can range from keeping our communities kids busy by giving them opportunities to try something new or continuing something they love to donating to local charities. At the end of the day, it’s all about doing our part to give back to the community that supports us!
Tips to Avoid Being Scammed
Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection