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Jim Jaffe
Service Manager
Jim Jaffe is the Managing Member and Service Manager of Connecticut Chimney and Vent, LLC. Jim's qualifications include a S1-H.V.A.C. license, a Federal Universal CFC Certification, National Air Duct Cleaners Association Certification, and a CSIA Diagnosis and Documentation Certification. He also holds an Ahrens Chimney Technique Cast Liner Certification and has completed the Ahrens Masonry Restoration Program at Minnesota State Technical College.

Jim has worked in the HVAC field since 1986: Eleven years as an HVAC service technician, and the remainder concentrating on chimneys, vents, and air characteristics. Jim's first technical article was published in Fuel Oil and Oil Heat in 1995, and since that time, he has had technical articles published in the U.S. and Canada. The same year, he was issued an 11 claim U.S. patent for inventing an industry related tool.

Jim believes education is vitally imporant to our industry, therefore, he tries to improve technical understanding in and of the field and community. He has been an H.V.A.C. instructor for the State of Connecticut Apprentice Program and has taught at the Emmett O'Brien Technical School. Jim has been a guest speaker for Porter and Chester. Additionaly, Jim conducts seminars for Heating and Cooling companies as well as for several regional organizations inscluding Town Building inspectors and the Connecticut Department of Safety. Jim is also utilized as a consultant for the Conecticut Department of Consumer Protection and local law enforcement. If you have an organization of event and would like Jim to do a seminar, call us at (203)881-2256 for rates and availability.
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